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Total Jazz Experience

Mazatlán Jazz Festival has affectionately become the most sophisticated Jazz destination experience globally. It is home to professionals that like to travel, connect to culture, enjoy quality dining, a well-curated community and share a love for jazz music.


This 3-day jazz experience is more than just good music. It is a luxury vacation where friends gather and connect, culture is celebrated, and where jazz and travel enthusiasts collide. As an all-inclusive cultural oasis, it boasts stellar accommodations, an award-winning spa, impeccable dining options, and the smooth sound of world-class jazz musicians such as Jackiem Joyner and Eric Darius.

Throughout the experience, guests can also enjoy morning stretches and strolls, Zumba, shopping tours, and golf at the nearby world-class resort courses.

The Mazatlán Jazz Festival brand represents culture, exclusivity, and sophistication. It provides a luxury experience that is typically limited to the upper echelon of the socially elite. Jazz enthusiasts, the annual girlfriends’ trip, and couples alike descend on the beautiful shores of the pearl of the pacific to make meaningful connections and lasting memories.

If you want it all, an elevated, luxurious experience, great music, fantastic food, social fellowship, and fun, book Mexico’s best-kept secret, the Mazatlán Jazz Festival, today.


Father-Daughter Duo

Spearheaded by father and daughter duo Harold and Erica Becks, the Mazatlán Jazz Fest exceeds expectations. Harold’s visionary leadership and Erica’s business acumen have primed this duo for success. Erica brings a unique, skillful talent, and a refreshing perspective. As a veteran trial attorney, Harold’s passion for jazz and the arts led to the birth of Mazatlan Jazz Fest.

Meet The Team



Join dozens of corporate, community, and non-profit partners at the 2022 Mazatlan Jazz Festival. Take this opportunity to get your brand in front of hundreds of affluent music fans.  For more information on sponsorship opportunities, please fill out the below form.

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