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Mazatlan Jazz Festival Approved: 2023 Soul Train Super Cruise


Soul Train - A Brief Q & A 

Soul Train was a hugely popular American musical variety show that aired in syndication for over thirty years. The show was created by Don Cornelius who also acted as its visionary, host and executive producer.

What was Soul Train?

Soul Train, an American music TV show, was the first of its kind to prominently feature live African American musical performances, acts and dance improvisations. It was a national television show that was on the air for over thirty years and it was a staple on nationally syndicated television in the 70's and 80's.

What was Soul Train’s and its impact on popular culture?

In the early 70s, Soul Train became one of the longest tenured shows in American TV history. The show was initially created as a local showcase for the musical talents and dancers of Chicago.

Soul Train's Chicago Home

Starting out at the local Chicago TV station WCIU-TV, Soul Train began in 1970, at a time period when there were few if any outlets for popular African American culture in the US.

What Happened to Soul Train?

Soul Train's run ended in 2006. The rights were later sold to MadVision Entertainment two years later.

Impact on Black America

The show quickly became a vital tool for black artists in the 1970s and 80s to showcase and expose their incredible talents to a national and global audience. Groups such as Run-DMC used the platform to teach mass audiences how to dance, dress and listen to their new style of hip hop music.

Where To Watch Soul Train

You can watch live streams of all past Soul Train content on the streaming service Philo and the BET network.

Which television shows are inspired by Soul Train?

Historical references of Soul Train are returning to television with American Soul, inspired by the life and times of its creator and host, Don Cornelius.

Has any Soul Train dancer become successful?

Soul Train’s most famous dancer is Carmen Electra, who has since made many appearances on TV and the big screen as a famous model and pop star before becoming an actress.

What is the name of the Soul Train cruise ship?

The Soul Train Cruise is carried by Nieuw Amsterdam on the Holland America Line, which Conde Nast Traveler consistently names as the best cruise line in the world.

Soul Train Cruise 2023 - Event Details

Date: February 9-15, 2023

On what: Nieuw Amsterdam via Holland America

Ports of Call::

  • Amber Cove Beach, Dominican Republic

  • Puerto Rico

  • The Half Moon Cay Resort


The Gold Standard for Soul Fans

  • 7 days of high seas luxury

  • 5 Caribbean destinations

  • Daily Soul Train themed activities

  • Rub elbows with your favorite celebrities

  •  25+ live daily performances

  • Renowned Holland America cruise line

What to expect on the cruise

If you love dancing in addition to over 25 interactive events and over 50 live musical performances, be a part of the famous Soul Train Line to groove and flow with some of the top dancers on the planet.

Live the Complete Jazz Experience - Mazatlan Jazz Exotic Vacation Getaway Deals

We wholeheartedly approve of the Soul Train Cruise! If you are also looking for an unmatched, luxury jazz musical experience on land in an extravagant, all inclusive resort setting, Mazatlán Jazz Festival has affectionately ended up being the most advanced jazz destination experience worldwide. It is home to jazz aficionados that like to adventure, connect to culture and savor quality dining in a well-curated environment while sharing a love for jazz music.

The Mazatlán Jazz Festival brand represents culture, exclusivity, and elegance. It provides a high-end experience that is typically limited to the upper rank of the socially elite. Jazz enthusiasts, the yearly girls' trip, and couples alike descend on the beautiful shores of the pearl of the pacific to make momentous connections and lasting memories.

If you desire all of it enhanced, elegant experience, great music, fantastic food, social fellowship, and festivity, go here to book Mexico's best-kept secret, the Mazatlán Jazz Festival escape travel deal today.

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